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After the storm

"Summits", our new album has now been out for around 3 weeks and I gotta tell you, the responses have been outstanding. it's great to see people enjoy that thing. eco vinyl is already sold out and we have less than 10 left of the red vinyl. so be quick if you want one.

press reviews all flooded in with the official release and although it was never important to us, I am grateful that so many folks took the time to sit down, listened to the new songs and wrote something to help us promote that baby, a massive thanks to those involved.

new merch is on the way as we speak, as you have requested.

other than that, we are still stuck in the rehearsal room but are slowly starting to get offers for shows for 2021. let's see how everything evolves before get into more detail on that.

thanks everyone for the support during the last months. means a lot to me.


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