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just another wasted year

hey friends, long time no talk. Ancst is not dead, just sleeping through the crisis. I spare you the rant about how hard 2020 sucked and that 2021 probably will be the same shit show. I will also spare you that Spotify statistics bullshit, new Year crap, and pictures of us rocking out in the past. we got nothing new to tell you and I don't feel like warming up obsolete stuff for the sake of staying afloat on social media.

What I would like to do tough is to leave an honest thank you here for all of you who took the time to listen to that stuff I have been cooking up at home throughout the last years. It felt like the last album just vanished into thin air after it was released and we couldn't promote it through the usual touring. still, it was a success. I got a lot of feedback from you people and I am still amazed by the impact it had on some of you. I had people writing to me about how much it helped in these crazy times and I am honestly grateful and touched by that. I never felt like a great musician or that I am any different from other people so it still feels weird to me to have people praise what I do in my small dirty flat at night. its not something I can take for granted and to those of you who have supported what I and the boys are doing, I salute you. thanks for keeping me afloat throughout the last 2 shitty years. it really means the world to me.

take care, stay healthy and praise the blast beat

much love

tom & ancst

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